How your chimney stands to gain from tuck-pointing services

Have you gone on to observe your chimney of late? The mortar roughly lasts for around 25 years, and then you would need to replace it as well. Once the moisture would be prone to damage moisture builds up in your chimney. If you turn a blind eye to the repair of your chimney it will collapse. Hence you need to get in touch with tuckpointing st. louis. There are going to repair it before it gets too late. In short, it goes on to stop the process of destruction as well.

So what are the benefits of tuck-pointing? In simple words, you can confer the fact that the old mortar is being replaced with a new one. You put the crumbling mortar to the depth and then replace it with a new one. It would be better on your part to avail the services of professionals. They have the knowledge and the expertise so that the job would be over and the necessary results.

The signs of mortar damage are easy to spot as well. If the mortar does become weak, the moisture makes its way on to the brick or masonry. The net result would be that it falls down. Just test the mortar when you rub a key across it. If you find powder emerging then the high time you go on to repair it. The moment masonry would do their job. If you plan to incorporate a key it would not cause any damage. If you are not sure about things, it would be better to seek out a professional. They can guide you on what needs to be undertaken.

In the midst of all this tuck pointing works out to be a labour-driven process. You would need to take out the damage-prone mortar. Then you would need to replace it with a new one. When you get the job over in a correct manner the original shape would be possible as well. A series of steps which you need to follow are as follows

  • The old mortar has to be taken off and then ground to a depth
  • With a trowel, you can slide in the red mortar
  • On the red mortar just strip down the middle for the grooves
  • With the aid of paint tint, you would need to match the mortar colour. This would be on the chimney and feel the grooves on it.

As far as the benefits of tuck-pointing services evolve they are plenty. It does not only apply when you find that the mortar becomes weak. The list of benefits include

  • It goes on to stop the process that you find with corrosion
  • The moment the mortar would have a bad time, then the moisture could seep in and it means the chimney could break apart.
  • The structural stability of your chimney would be intact on all counts. If you do not repair the joints. Then for sure, you would need to replace the entire chimney.


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