Anti Drone Shields That Can Help You Maintain Security

Anti Drone Shields

As we all know that the technology is growing very fast. Everyday new things are being introduced such are the drones. Well, the drones can be used in the both good and the bad way. Some people and even the law enforcement agencies are using drones for the security. But people are using them for their bad works. Here the question arises that how we can stop them?

Anti Drone Shields

Well, there are a lot of ways of doing so. But you can use the following methods as the Anti Drone Shields to stop the drones from infringing your property or your privacy.

You Can Always Carry It Out The Traditional Way; Using A Shotgun And Some Fine Aim:

A Kentucky guy turned out to be a local star of sorts after he was detained for gunning down using a shotgun a UAV flying over his home. William Merideth of Hillview, Kentucky thought the UAV was spying on his sixteen year old girl while she sunbathed in their backyard. The UAV’s operator said that he was actually taking photos of a pal’s house. But a Bullitt County judge later statute that Merideth was correct and dismissed all the charges against him.

While the case kept only a local inquisitiveness, the judge’s choice to support Merideth’s right to defend his home and privacy is not precisely supported by present FAA; Federal Aviation Administration rules. The Federal Aviation Administration, which technically controls the airspace in which the UAV was soaring, has not been on a par with the unparalleled defies of UAVs.

The sharp-shooting Kentuckian is not unaccompanied: an Oklahoma guy also gun down a UAV that was registered with the Federal Aviation Administration and being utilized to survey a construction location, and a guy in New Jersey is at this time facing up to 10 years locked up after he gun down a UAV over his home. These people were using this method as the Anti Drone Shields  just to stop drones from breaching the privacy.

UAV Surveillance Regulations:

If all not succeeds about keeping drones away from you house and remaining privacy and security, the only thing you can carry out is to push for regulations that keep the privacy of residents against UAVs. Bills have been cropping up ever since the UAV craze actually took off back in the year 2013, and a number of them have even been approved into commandment, but we still have an extended way to go.

And the excellent news for privacy supporters is that both sides of the US Congress want and agree to stop high-tech window peeking. Conversely, UAV fans argue that such privacy threats are based on propaganda, that regulations should not clasp the UAV industry prior to it even has a possibility to grow.

Superlatively a center ground will be found, but awaiting that comes about, we are hovering around in a situation of limbo where privacy risks are genuine and we do not have the appropriate devices to keep ourselves protected from them. Laws might finish up being the only effectual protection.

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