What Causes Kidney Stones?

What Causes Kidney Stones

As a matter of fact, health is truly a blessing. Everyone has his dreams in life, and you cannot follow your dreams if you have health issues. But if you are healthy then you can do anything to fulfill your dreams. We all know that to chase your dreams you need to work hard. Sometimes you have to work even day and night to get what you want. So you should take care of yourself to make sure that your body parts are working well. The kidney is one of the most important organs of the human body, but their workings may affect by the kidney stone. In this article, we will discuss What Causes Kidney Stones.

Symptoms Of Kidney Stones:

It is needless to state that the kidney is one of the most important human organs. Kidneys act as a filter for blood. They remove the waste products from the body and make urine. It is necessary that your kidneys are working in good condition. But sometimes salts and minerals stick together in the urine and create kidney stones. The sizes of kidney stones differ but whatever the size is you have to treat it immediately. You must be aware of what are the symptoms of having stones in the kidney. Following are the symptoms of kidney stones:

  • Pain on urination
  • Foul smelling urine
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Red, pink or brown color of urine
  • Severe pain in the sides and back
  • Pain that fluctuates in intensity
  • Waves of pain below the ribs
  • Urinating more
  • Fever
  • Urinating in small amount but persistent need to urine

 Causes Of Kidney Stones:

It is essential to know What Causes Kidney Stones. The most common cause of kidney stone is lack of water. When there is not enough water in the kidney, the urine becomes more acidic. So you must make sure that you are having plenty of water to keep your kidney wet. It will help your kidney to work better. You should drink from eight to ten glasses of water daily. Family history is also significant as those who have the relatives having kidney stones have the more chances to develop stones.


Prevention Is Better Than Cure:

You may have heard many times that the prevention is better than cure. So it is the time to understand and implement this statement in real life. Following are the tips that can help you to prevent kidney stones:

  • You should do exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy. But do you know that the sweat can cause the kidney stone? The more sweat leads you towards, the less urine that may cause the problem in your kidney. So do the exercise but make sure that you are taking plenty of water that keeps you hydrated.
  • Eat a healthy diet that contains all the minerals that play a significant role in keeping your kidneys in good condition.

Health is wealth so take care of this wealth. Remember that you can buy anything but not health.

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