Cleaning steel swords- Easy method to be Applied

So how to clean up this Damascus steel sword? We can share the easiest method with you. Just with the help of home based remedies and by making use of home-based ingredients, you can give a finished and polished effect on any steel sword type of yours. No doubt that swords also needs regular and on time cleaning routine from their owners as well. Check out this easy method and if you do have swords collection then we are sure that this easy cleaning technique can make your life easier.  

Removing factory grease from your sword

First, you need to have in hand a lint-free cloth so that you can remove all sorts of factory grease from that particular sword of yours. It always happens that whenever you are going to purchase a sword from any of the factory producers or when you are going to get it from the collector then that sword of yours will always have a thick kind of coating of oil or thick sort of coating of grease on it. So as soon as you will get your purchased sword, then you should immediately and right away remove that grease by using a lint-free cloth, be it a cotton cloth as well. You should be wiping your sword blade in the form of straight and one-directional strokes so that you might not get an injury. You should be moving from the bottom and then move towards the tip of your sword.

Using a rice paper to clean up Japanese swords

If you do have Japanese swords then you can make use of a rice paper to clean them up. Do not use these lint-free cotton cloths if you have purchased Japanese swords. For a cheap alternative, you can for sure use coffee filters.

Application of lacquer thinner

In order to remove some stubborn sort of gunk from your swords then you can do the application of lacquer thinner on them. Note that using lint-free cloth might not be enough to remove and eliminate this dirt and dust as well as gunk from your sword. You only have to pour down the small and little amount of lacquer thinner on some different texture cloth and then you can rub down that gunk off. While applying lacquer thinner, you should be in the same and uniform straight and one-directional motions. Then you can use another one lint-free cloth so that you can easily remove rest of the lacquer thinner. Now dry the blade and rest of your sword.

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